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 Interruption of the company activities in Russia

In 2017 the company broke its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.


The Niersberger Group in Europe

Throughout Europe approximately 210 employees, including many trainees work for the group Niersberger. The staffs handle to all the topics regarding the technical and technological building equipment, building construction in a reliable, creative and competent manner and they act in the sphere of renewable energy sources (biogas and photovoltaic power plant development).

The Niersberger Group is a prestigious company with international ambitions, which feels bound by traditions and to the new markets it comes with pioneering technologies.


Niersberger Rus, Ltd.

Since 2005 the company has been acting on the territory of Russian Federation, since 2009 as the company Niersberger Rus, Ltd.


The Niersberger Group

Since 2004 the individual companies have been part of the Group Niersberger and in this way they have been building together a new business structure.



Slovakia, Rumanian, Russia

In 2000 the company in Slovakia in Žilina started up and subsequently in Rumania. In the same time the Russian market opened up.


Niersberger Instalace, Ltd.

After the political turn in 1989 the new market opened up in Eastern Europe. In 1996 Jan Kabriel with Rainer Dippold co-founded the company Niersberger Instalace, s.r.o based in Benešov.

At that time, the Czech Republic became the starting point for expansion into Eastern Europe.


ASI Niersberger, Ltd.

In 1995 ASI Niersberger, Ltd was established. The new face of Niersberger took. thereby shape.

In the same year, Robert Niersberger took leave of the company by selling his shares and Rainer Dippold and Jan Kabriel took over the company management.


Niersberger Elektro, Ltd.

In 1991 the company Niersberger Elektro GmbH was founded.

1987 - 91

Company boom

In 1987-1991 Niersberger took over step by step the companies Eller & Gutbrod, HLAS Haustechnik Jena, Wärmetechnik Wilkau-Haßlau and Technischer Hauservice Ltd. Erfurt.


Expansion of the company

In this year Rainer Dippold entered the company as the Commercial Director and Jan Kabriel as the Technical Director. In addition to the main commercial activity the both supported the evolution of strategy company position in the market and thanks to their working effort came the further expansion.


New management and new main office

In 1975 Robert Niersberger took over the company management and its firm domicile was relocated to the district of Erlangen-Bruck.

1958 – 59

Family successors

After the death of their parents the brothers and sisters Max and Gunda Niersberger took over the company and continued the tradition of the family business.


After the Second World War

After the Second World War a new evolution phase began for Niersberger. In May 1946 the son Max entered the family company.


Company establishment

On May 8, 1921 Michael Niersberger founded the company “Michael Niersberger Zentralheizungen” based near Erlangen in Germany.

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